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Google Ads v. Facebook Ads

Every business is unique, so your approach to finding the right customers should be too! Customers on Google vs Facebook will have different backgrounds and search histories, so figuring out what your customers are searching for is key to marketing to the correct audience. Both Facebook and Google Ads are great tools to push your … [Read More]

How to Automate Google Ads

Google Ads boasts many different tool sets to allow for the ultimate level of customization for your ads account. There are many different ways (often deeper than most Ad Account Managers are willing to dive) to automate your Google Ads account to both filter and change account settings on the fly. These automations can be … [Read More]

Our Favorite Playlists To Get Through the Work Day:

If you work in an office then you probably know the struggle of what to listen to while you work. It needs to put you in a good mood while not being too distracting. Some people can listen to music with lyrics while others need calming instrumentals. Whichever person you are, we have some recommendations … [Read More]

Avoiding Grant Suspension – Google Ad Grants

Google Ad Grants are a great way for registered and verified 501(c3) nonprofits to create their own Google Ads campaigns. Google has implemented a system where once verified, each Ad Grantee can run Google Ads advertising their cause, with a max budget of $10,000 each month, every month. This is an amazing opportunity for nonprofits … [Read More]

How To Find Your Busiest Traffic Days and Hours

Google and all of its platforms offer many different ways for a business (big or small) to determine when the best time is for traffic and conversions. For example, Google Ads allows you to tailor your budget and ad delivery to align with a particular day or time. Google Analytics allows you to see which … [Read More]

How To Manage Your Own Micro-Influencers

By now, you’ve probably seen and heard that influencer marketing is a tool many brands turn to for exposure, brand awareness and leads. Influencer marketing is so popular that agencies whose only purpose is to manage these social media influencers can be found all over the world. If you’re considering using influencers to market your … [Read More]

Tips on Researching Hashtags & How to Use them Properly:

We’ve been doing a ton of hashtag research for clients lately and realized how confusing the process can be for most people. There are so many articles and how to’s online about what to do and what not to do, and often the information is conflicting. So we’ve decided to break it down in the … [Read More]

How Liking and Commenting Affects Growth

If you are managing your own Instagram account, you may be wondering why you’re not seeing the growth you had hoped for. Most likely, you are doing everything right, like posting great content, paying attention to ideal posting days and times, and using the right hashtags. You’re probably getting social media envy too, wondering why … [Read More]

How to Create a Link Campaign That Works

A link campaign helps create relevant and long-lasting links between your website and other websites in your related field. If you want to learn about why it’s important, check out our blog here. If you’re not familiar with link campaigns and want to learn how to create them, keep reading! Links can be created by: … [Read More]

Why Is My Website Not on the Front Page of Search Results?

Google uses many different formulas to determine how and where your website will be showing on search results. Clients often ask “Why is my website not on the front page?” or even “What can we do to get our website to be the first search result when we search for X?”. We often use SERP … [Read More]