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Our Favorite Playlists To Get Through the Work Day:

Our Favorite Playlists To Get Through the Work Day:

If you work in an office then you probably know the struggle of what to listen to while you work. It needs to put you in a good mood while not being too distracting. Some people can listen to music with lyrics while others need calming instrumentals. Whichever person you are, we have some recommendations for you!


Study Vibes

With more than 296k followers on Spotify, this playlist by Filtr US has great work vibes. It’s a perfect balance of relaxed beats and motivational melodies. Like any premade playlist, there are bound to be songs to annoy you, but overall, this playlist is “the bomb.”

Morning Commute

Don’ t be fooled by the title, this playlist is great for any time of day! If modern pop beats are not your vibe, then you will dig this one. With more folk and rock artists like Tyler Childers and Fleetwood Mac, you’re likely to hear a song you love!

Get Home Happy!

Or stay happy all day with these tunes! This playlist will surely make you smile no matter what kind of music you vibe to. From A Tribe Called Quest to The Supremes to Lizzo, you will find your shoulders shimmy while typing away. 

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