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Google Ads v. Facebook Ads

Google Ads v. Facebook Ads

Every business is unique, so your approach to finding the right customers should be too! Customers on Google vs Facebook will have different backgrounds and search histories, so figuring out what your customers are searching for is key to marketing to the correct audience. Both Facebook and Google Ads are great tools to push your brand in front of the eyes of possible customers, so it’s beneficial to learn more about what makes each advertising platform useful!

Facebook Ads:

Are you looking to build your brand’s social media presence through advertising? With Facebook Ads, your business can create specific ads that direct “likes” your brand’s page, as well as link ads that will lead customers directly to your website.

Additionally, your business can advertise videos in ways that will put them directly on the feeds of your customers. Your brand can interact more intimately with customers who are actively interested in your brand, with a more developed social media presence. Through our experience, we have noticed Facebook ads’ cost-per-view and cost-per-click have been lower than Google Ads. This is an important metric, but not one to entirely leverage your campaign on, as both platforms serve different purposes.

Google Ads:

This platform is the pinnacle of online search advertising. Google is the world’s most popular search engine encompassing over 70% of online searches. These advertisements can serve as direct fast-passes for your business to the front of search results. Additionally, Google Ads allow for advertising on YouTube, the most popular video content platform on the internet.

If your business is more apt to develop leads because customers are searching for your type of business on Google – IE: “Restaurants near me”, “Laundromats and Cleaners”, “Auto Parts in San Francisco” – it may be more beneficial for your business to run Google Search Ads to get your business in the eyes of your local customers more quickly.

A Balanced Approach:

Both platforms are great for developing the presence of your brand both on search results and in social media. We recommend taking an approach that utilizes both ad platforms to develop your brand’s social media presence and push your business to the top of Google search results.

If your business is in need of someone to facilitate your brand’s social media or online advertising work, please do not hesitate to reach out to us here at Bright Productions!