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Why Is My Website Not on the Front Page of Search Results?

Why Is My Website Not on the Front Page of Search Results?

Google uses many different formulas to determine how and where your website will be showing on search results.

Clients often ask “Why is my website not on the front page?” or even “What can we do to get our website to be the first search result when we search for X?”.

We often use SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) to determine where your website appears on results. Your SERP, in regards to a particular search term on Google, will vary depending on:

  • The content of your site
  • The relevance your business has to that keyword
  • The relevant connections your website has to other similar web pages within your business space

Therefore, it is important for your business to focus on a link campaign that creates relevant and long-lasting links between your website and other websites in your related field. These links essentially act as anchors showing Google your website belongs in that field and has a high level of relevancy.

The more trustworthy your website looks to Google, the more likely it is going to place your website higher on search results.

If you feel you need assistance in increasing your search result rankings or updating your website, please do not hesitate to reach out to us here at Bright Productions!