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How to Create a Link Campaign That Works

How to Create a Link Campaign That Works

A link campaign helps create relevant and long-lasting links between your website and other websites in your related field. If you want to learn about why it’s important, check out our blog here.

If you’re not familiar with link campaigns and want to learn how to create them, keep reading!

Example of a Comment

Links can be created by:

  • Having other blogs share your website via sponsored content
  • Guest-written articles that link back to your website
  • Interactive comments within comment sections that link back to your website.

Your website’s content needs to be relevant to the keywords you are trying to rank in. This can be achieved by having relevant articles, blogs or dedicated web pages that outline the specifics of your business. Google searches through websites constantly to determine the relevancy of any website to any particular keywords.

While that sounds easy enough, try not to overdo it; it can also hurt you to have TOO many references on your site. This is called “overstuffing” and relates to having too many keywords on your webpages. This can negatively impact your rankings.  Keep the language natural and realistic as you edit the content of your site to reflect your keywords.

Your web page’s titles, the text that appears on the tab on web pages (see image to the right), should also reflect the keywords you want to improve rankings in – as well as the metadata (html code that describes your page) within the pages you are editing.

Highlighting the html title attribute

A number of other factors also go into how Google ranks your website, such as:

  • page load speed
  • optimized images
  • or being ADA Compliant for those with disabilities

If you feel you need assistance increasing your search result rankings or updating your website, please do not hesitate to reach out to us here at Bright Productions!