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How to Automate Google Ads

How to Automate Google Ads

Google Ads boasts many different tool sets to allow for the ultimate level of customization for your ads account. There are many different ways (often deeper than most Ad Account Managers are willing to dive) to automate your Google Ads account to both filter and change account settings on the fly. These automations can be done to pause keywords, filter out campaign data based on different rulesets, or even send emails to account owners when specific triggers are met.

How does account automation work?

Usually, an account manager will add automated rules within the account. This is done through the Tools -> Bulk Action -> Rules section of Google Ads.

There are 12 different rule topics you can specify when creating a new rule. Each one specifies a different topic of filtering / automation that you can apply to dynamically change the account.

For example, Keyword Rules allow you to add keyword rules to pause, enable, or change keyword bids if a particular keyword hits a certain threshold of metric set by the account manager. There are over 11 different subsections of metrics you can use as a trigger to cause the rule to run. EX: You may create a rule that automatically pauses keywords when they drop below a certain threshold of click-thru-rate. This is great for Ad Grant accounts that are required to stay above a 5% account click-thru-rate for any given period of time. Any time a keyword drops below 5%, the account will automatically pause that keyword and send an email to the account manager.

Alternatively, you can have the account trigger send you an email instead of automatically making a change, so you can go into the account and check it out yourself if you feel a more hands on approach is better!

Some examples for which automation could be helpful:

Automatically pausing keyword when they reach a certain metric threshold such as:

  • Click-Thru-Rate too low
  • Amount spent too high
  • Cost per conversion too high
  • Keyword is being served in ads that are not on the first page

Automatically altering campaigns when:

  • Budget spend reaches a certain threshold
  • Enable a campaign when a separate campaign reaches a threshold
  • Pause a campaign when a separate campaign reaches a threshold

Age Range / Gender / Income Filtering:

  • Automatically filter ads to only show to those in a specific age range, gender, or income based on whatever metrics or thresholds are hit – set by the account manager
  • Alter bid adjustments to push more budget towards a specific age range, gender, or income group.

All of these rules can also be specified to run on specific days during specific times, if needed.

Using rule automation is a great way to dynamically edit the account without direct intervention from the account manager. Not only is this a helpful way to keep the account efficient without hands on editing when the manager is away, but it can help implement more swift and instantaneous account edits that happen the moment rules are met and not a minute or a day later!

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