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How Liking and Commenting Affects Growth

How Liking and Commenting Affects Growth

If you are managing your own Instagram account, you may be wondering why you’re not seeing the growth you had hoped for. Most likely, you are doing everything right, like posting great content, paying attention to ideal posting days and times, and using the right hashtags. You’re probably getting social media envy too, wondering why other pages in your industry are getting a ton of followers and comments. It could be that they are using a third-party service to grow their page (which we do not recommend) or they are investing time into commenting and liking other content.

Engaging with other pages’ content is key to organic growth and unless you get lucky and have your content shared by really popular pages, you are not likely to see it happen without putting in the time. There are third-party services that will do this work for you through an automated system, but Instagram frowns upon the use of these services. Services that offer this service also don’t allow you to totally control the content you engage with and has the potential to go really wrong, really fast.

The only way this works is if you do it, or hire a REAL human to do it.

Here’s how it works:

1. Make a list of target Instagram accounts whose audience might be interested in your content. For example, if you’re a cosmetic company, your target accounts would be other cosmetic companies, skin care companies, spas, and salons.

2. Once you have your list of target accounts, work your way through their followers and begin engaging with their content.

3. The rule of thumb is, like at least three posts on their profile, comment on at least one post (with a real, authentic comment. Not just “wow” or an emoji, otherwise you will look like a bot), and follow them if you like their page and think they would make a good customer. This user will get notifications that you engaged with their content, hopefully, visit your page and become a new follower. Of course, there is no guarantee but the more you practice this method, the better results you’ll get.

4. Once you feel like you’ve exhausted one page’s list of followers, move on to your next target account. The possibilities are endless and you will never run out of content to engage with, we promise!

We recommend spending at least an hour a day practicing this method for growth. If you know there’s no way you have an hour a day to dedicate to this task, you might consider outsourcing social media.

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