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How To Find Your Busiest Traffic Days and Hours

How To Find Your Busiest Traffic Days and Hours

Google and all of its platforms offer many different ways for a business (big or small) to determine when the best time is for traffic and conversions. For example, Google Ads allows you to tailor your budget and ad delivery to align with a particular day or time. Google Analytics allows you to see which day and time that the most sessions occurred.

Knowing what time or day customers are likely to visit your site or check out your pages, can be great for planning new content releases, as well as saving money on Google Ads if you currently use them for your business.

In Google Ads, we can navigate to a specific campaign, or all campaigns, and down to the “Ad Schedule” section. Here we can see four tabs – three of which offer us different data filtering abilities through which we can pick apart our traffic. Day & Hour, Day, and Hour – are all tabs that when selected will automatically filter campaign traffic based on the title of that tab. All of the traffic in these tabs are limited by whichever date range you choose at the top right of your window. Day & Hour will show traffic for all the different hours (12AM – 12PM) for each day separated by hour increments. Day will filter traffic by each day of the week, and Hour will show traffic for each hour window.

Ad Schedule will allow you to add specific schedules (on any day or time) for which you want to prioritize your ads to show. You can specify date ranges, specific days, and specific hours. For example, if you know that your best sales happen on the weekend, you may want to set your ads to have a higher priority to show during that time.

Google Analytics has built in filtering at the top right of the Audience Overview section that allows you to filter by hour, day, week or month. This allows you to easily determine when sessions, users, or any other relevant metric is triggering most often.

It is important for any business to understand which days are best for traffic and engagements. You can tailor both organic content delivery to go live at your busiest times, or even specify targeted ad buys for those times to drive even more eyes to your site.

If you need help learning what times and hours are best for your business, or need any general advertising help – do not hesitate to reach out to us at Bright Productions!