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Thoughts and musings from the BP team

The Do’s and Don’ts of Commenting

Commenting is an essential aspect of interacting with clients and fans, and a great tool to increase your online presence. When working as a company Facebook or Instagram page, it is crucial to answer questions and engage with the community as efficiently as possible to maintain an engaged response rate. Here are our tips for … [Read More]

Marketing Analytics: Pros and Cons

Our staff was recently confused by a Google Analytics report we were looking over, and it sparked an interesting conversation about the value and accuracy of real-time data. We use Google Analytics as a handy tool filled with data that can often help us understand our online marketing efforts and how our client’s customers behave … [Read More]

Our Tips for Online Security

Being aware of online security is an important skill set to have when working in an office or even at home. It is more important than ever before, to guard your online data and keep nosy hackers out of your business. Here are our top tips on how you can stay safe online. • Be … [Read More]

How to Stay Green In The Workplace

At Bright Productions, we do our best to keep our office as green as possible! Reducing pollution and conserving energy can make a significant impact on the environment. With these tips, you will be using less energy and leaving your carbon footprint slightly smaller than it was before. Conserve energy and resources • Turn off … [Read More]

Fire Update from Bright Productions

Here at Bright Productions, we are thankfully safe from the Kincade Fire that is currently blazing through Sonoma County. While everyone here has been affected in some way, we are all safe and doing our best to maintain normalcy at the office. Thank you to all of the First Responders, especially those who traveled to … [Read More]

How to Avoid Social Media Burnout

Are screens and emojis getting you down? Use these tips to explore ways to stay motivated! If you’re like me, the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do at night consists of opening up Facebook or Instagram and falling into the same pattern: Scroll. Like. Post. Comment. Repeat. Online … [Read More]

Google Ads v. Facebook Ads

Every business is unique, so your approach to finding the right customers should be too! Customers on Google vs Facebook will have different backgrounds and search histories, so figuring out what your customers are searching for is key to marketing to the correct audience. Both Facebook and Google Ads are great tools to push your … [Read More]

How to Automate Google Ads

Google Ads boasts many different tool sets to allow for the ultimate level of customization for your ads account. There are many different ways (often deeper than most Ad Account Managers are willing to dive) to automate your Google Ads account to both filter and change account settings on the fly. These automations can be … [Read More]

Our Favorite Playlists To Get Through the Work Day:

If you work in an office then you probably know the struggle of what to listen to while you work. It needs to put you in a good mood while not being too distracting. Some people can listen to music with lyrics while others need calming instrumentals. Whichever person you are, we have some recommendations … [Read More]

Avoiding Grant Suspension – Google Ad Grants

Google Ad Grants are a great way for registered and verified 501(c3) nonprofits to create their own Google Ads campaigns. Google has implemented a system where once verified, each Ad Grantee can run Google Ads advertising their cause, with a max budget of $10,000 each month, every month. This is an amazing opportunity for nonprofits … [Read More]