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How To Navigate Social Media Holidays

How To Navigate Social Media Holidays

Did you know that Febuary 20th is Love Your Pet Day? 
Or that April 11th is National Pet Day? 
What’s the difference and what should you do about it? 

With all of the National holidays that seem to sneak up, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the amount of holiday cheer that is covering your social media feed. Never fear! Holidays can be the perfect tool to engage with your audiences online. 

Find a National Holiday Calendar 

The first step to staying on top of the upcoming holidays is to create a calendar! Sites like National Day Calendar are a great tool for finding the history behind the holidays, and to mark the upcoming dates.

Choose holidays that are in line with your company

Does your company produce food? Look for holidays like National Blueberry Pancake Day, or National Peanut Butter Day. Does your company embrace outdoor activities? How about National Running Day, or National Water Balloon Day. Finding holidays that are in line with your company are great motivators for creating content. Be selective and don’t celebrate it online if it doesn’t make sense for your brand. 

Participate in real life! 

Having an excuse to celebrate holidays is a fun way to spice up your everyday office life. Be it food, decor, costumes or games, there are many different ways you can celebrate your holidays. Getting pictures of your celebrations is an excellent way to post content on your social media accounts. 

Here’s a photo of some of our staff at Bright Productions dressing up for May 4th!
(Star Wars Day)

Still searching for more holiday inspiration? Here are a few of our favorites! 

September 19th: National Talk Like a Pirate Day

October 4th: World Taco Day

November 13th: World Kindness Day

April Seventeenth
Is Haiku Poetry Day
Won’t that be a blast?

Whatever you celebrate, remember that the key is to have fun! So get out the confetti, grab your camera, and snap away while you create some original holiday content!