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How to Efficiently Work From Home

How to Efficiently Work From Home

With the current pandemic requiring many employees to work from home, companies are facing some new realities. Some employees may be used to remote work with a home office already set up and ready to go, while others may be working from the kitchen table, the couch, or even their bed. Here are our top tips on maintaining an efficient work environment at home!

Get Ready For Work

We don’t mean just setting up your work station. Getting ready for the day like you are going to the office is a great strategy. While you don’t have to dress up as formally as you usually might, putting on different clothes than your pajamas and continuing your usual morning routine can help prepare you for “work mode”. 

Maintain Communication

While working from home, communication is key. It’s important to be able to ask questions and correspond easily with your employees. Here at BP, we personally love Google Hangouts to have video meetings and to chat with each other throughout the day. 

Keep a Planner

Being able to plan your day out and check off boxes as you go is a great way to make sure you’re hitting all of your tasks and getting the same amount of work done at home that you would be achieving in an office. 

Avoid Distractions

It may be hard when working from home to get away from distractions. Pets, children or household chores are distractions that want to keep you away from your work. However, finding a quiet place to work and focus is important. Try to avoid watching TV in the background, as that is distracting too. 

Change Your Scenery

You have the opportunity to change up your work routine! You can work from any room in the house, even outside on a deck or in a backyard. When else do you have that opportunity to soak in the sunshine?

Take Time to Enjoy the Little Things

While things may seem bleak right now, take heart in the good things happening around you. It’s inspiring how people are connecting now that they have to stay apart. Remember that you are not alone in this and we are going to get through it together.