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Why You Shouldn’t Let Your In-house Employees Run Your Social Media

Why You Shouldn’t Let Your In-house Employees Run Your Social Media

Who runs your social media? Is it their full-time job or just an additional job responsibility? Agencies can provide you with expert advice and understanding of how the industry works and what the client may need. 

Here is a list of reasons why having an existing employee run your social networks might not ideal. 

Social media marketing is a full-time job. 

Working as a social media manager includes tasks such as ads, social media monitoring, content creation, planning, scheduling, responding, and reporting. This often requires 40 hours a week to do the job well. 

It is unlikely that your employees who are great at their job are also pros at social media management. 

Whether you’re hiring a receptionist, office manager, sales manager, and so on, you’ve hired them to do what they’re most experienced in, not two jobs at once. 

It is likely that assigning social media tasks to an existing employee will affect their other job responsibilities.  

Unless your employee is part-time and looking for full-time work, taking them away from their daily responsibilities to manage social media will result in less than perfect results for both jobs. 

Social media professionals go through training, certifications, writing courses, photo/video training, and more to ensure brands’ success. 

At BP we require and provide certain certifications, courses, and thorough training for our employees, such as Google Ads and Facebook Ad certifications, photography lessons, and writing exercises. 

If you’re considering and researching ways to improve your social media marketing strategies, we highly suggest hiring an agency that has the skills and specialists to build a successful marketing strategy for your company. 
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