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How To Tailor Your Marketing Strategy Around The Holidays

How To Tailor Your Marketing Strategy Around The Holidays

The holidays are a perfect time to up your marketing strategies. Although It can often be tough to stand out from all the other businesses pushing holiday products, services, and sales with smaller or bigger campaigns, there’s always plenty of opportunity to up your brand strategy to gain new recognition. 

Giveaways & collaboration with other brands

Giveaways are an affordable and effective way to gain social media recognition and a way to give back to your followers. When creating an effective collaboration with other brands and influencers, the goal is to partner with those who have a similar target audience to you but are not a competitor.  For example, if you’re a specialty food company you might want to collaborate with lifestyle bloggers/influencers who are food-focused to create a holiday giveaway.

Branding & Tailoring Social Content 

Holiday branding is a fun way to get your clients/customers into the holiday spirit. This can be anything from adding holiday color schemes and elements to your packaging, promotion deals, gift cards, your ad campaigns, and social media content. Creating a monthly mood board is helpful to inspire your creativity and put together a cohesive feed. Learn about the tools that we recommend using when it comes to creating content here

Fall bright productions mood board

Email Marketing

Using email marketing to offer exclusive deals, gift packages, and holiday updates can help you stay connected with your clients/customers. According to a Shopify Holiday Ecommerce study, email marketing is the number one source of conversions. This makes targeted email campaigns a simple and effective holiday strategy for your brand. Learn more about creating effective email campaigns here

There’s always a way to tailor your plan around the holiday season. It’s a critical way to bring awareness to your brand and business. If you have a strong strategy, it can often go a long way, and now’s the perfect time to start brainstorming a plan. If you’re running a small business, time is likely the issue, or you may not know where to start. If that’s the case, email us at info@bpwebsearchsocial.com to find out more about how our marketing team can help!