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How to Keep Your Home Office Green

How to Keep Your Home Office Green

Bright Productions has gone from an office environment to working 100% from home. While there are many pros and cons to having a home office, one thing that we knew had to take priority was taking steps to make sure our offices stayed green! We pride ourselves on our green initiatives in the office, so it’s no surprise that we make the same efforts at home. 

The best part about working from home is that we are already helping our environmental impact by not commuting on a daily basis. While some of our employees used to bike to work, now with fewer car emissions, we are helping the environment a little more. 

Here are some of our tips on how to further “greenify” your home office: 

Look For Ways To Be Energy Efficient:

Do you leave your computer running while you’re away from your desk? Or leave your desk lamps turned on? Simply switching them off can make a huge impact on your energy use, as well as opting for laptops over desktop computers. For an extra step, you can save even more energy by unplugging printers and computers that aren’t currently being used. 

Use LED lights:

According to Multibriefs, Light bulbs that use LED technology not only bring down your energy bills but are also more environmentally friendly when compared to incandescent bulbs and compact fluorescent. 

Find Sustainable Materials: 

When sourcing items for your home office, from your desk- to the paper you use, try to look for sustainable items. Paper that is recycled and office products that are made from bamboo or reclaimed wood is a great way to make your office a greener place. 

Make Use of Natural Light:

If your home office has windows, pull up those blinds and make use of the natural light that is available to you. There are many benefits to having natural sunlight in your home, from boosting your immune system, to improving your psyche. 


We’ve talked before about the importance of recycling in our blog How To Stay Green In The Workplace, but recycling when working from home is just as important as recycling in an office. 

• Limit your use of paper and use recycled material.

• Don’t shred your paper unless you have to. It’s easier to recover if it is intact.

• Recycle cans and boxes that you use.

While we are working from home, maintaining a mindset of being conscious of making “green” decisions and taking small steps to use natural resources collectively can help make a difference in our environment. Together, we can do this!