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How to Stay Green In The Workplace

How to Stay Green In The Workplace

At Bright Productions, we do our best to keep our office as green as possible! Reducing pollution and conserving energy can make a significant impact on the environment. With these tips, you will be using less energy and leaving your carbon footprint slightly smaller than it was before.

Conserve energy and resources

• Turn off lights, computers, and monitors when not in the room.

• Use an energy-efficient computer.

• Reduce the amount of gas you use! Carpool, walk, or bike to work.

Increase your use of reusable items

Using less plastic is a great way to reduce the amount of trash you produce. By bringing reusable items to work, you are easily able to contribute to the “green movement.”

• Bring reusable bags and use a reusable lunch box and sandwich box, rather than using plastic sandwich bags.

• Bring a reusable water bottle to work.

• Bring reusable plates and coffee cups for the break room.

• Bring lunch from home. Eating in the office will reduce the amount of gas you will use driving to eat out for lunch.

Recycle materials at work

Being conscious of using recycled materials is a fantastic way to keep your office green.

• Limit your use of paper and use recycled material.

• Don’t shred your paper unless you have to. It’s easier to recover if it is intact.

• Recycle cans and boxes that you use in the office.

It’s easy to slip up and occasionally forget to be green, but don’t be hard on yourself! Together, all of these little steps become a big step toward a more sustainable office space, and a greener future. You’ve got this!