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Why Real SEO Results Don’t Happen Overnight

Why Real SEO Results Don’t Happen Overnight

Regardless of your amount of experience, SEO takes time. This may be frustrating for someone who wants to see results overnight, but there are many reasons for this.

A good SEO team will deliver considerable changes to your website, but only if you’re willing to give them time to implement them. To understand why it takes longer to see these results, you need to get an idea of how SEO works.

Google uses an algorithm called “PageRank” to measure the importance of websites it shows you anytime you search something on their engine. This algorithm is constantly being updated by Google, and they don’t always make the changes publicly known. SEO marketers have to adapt to these changes and try and figure out what will rank well.

There are two main types of SEO regarding Google’s algorithm: Offsite & Onsite.

Onsite SEO is the process of making sure your web page’s content and HTML source code is optimized for your target keywords. In short, you want your website to be search engine friendly because the easier it is for Google to understand your content and structure, the higher you’ll rank and end up receiving traffic.

Here are some examples of good Onsite SEO tactics:

  • Have original and good quality content.
  • Have your site be mobile-friendly.
  • Use unique page titles and meta descriptions.
  • Optimize your URL’s to be SEO friendly: short, descriptive, and use keywords.

Offsite SEO means working outside the boundaries of your website and using various techniques to improve the position of your site in search engine results. One of the best ways to do this is a process called link building. Link building is increasing the amount of good quality inbound links to your webpage to increase your search engine rankings.

SEO isn’t something you can set up on autopilot and just expect results. It takes an experienced team willing to put in hours and hours of work. SEO maintenance is typically not cheap because of this. Which means if the person or company providing you SEO assistance keeps mentioning how cheap it will be, you might be mixed up with a shady provider. Here are a few examples of shady services and red flags:

  • Not getting reports or updates; you shouldn’t have to reach out to your SEO service provider to see monthly results.
  • Quantity > Quality; you don’t want 20 posts of the same thing! This is lazy work and they are blatantly ripping you off. Search engines will have trouble figuring out which URL to show in the search results.
  • No mention of Google Analytics; if your SEO provider doesn’t mention anything about Google Analytics, or refuses to let you into your own Google Analytics account – get out!

Bright Productions is unique in our approach to SEO, applying the most ethical and transparent practices that are focused on long-term, long lasting results. Here are a few of our typical practices:

  • Internal page linking with anchor text
  • Making content easy to read
  • Keyword research
  • Link building
  • Meta descriptions

The Bright Productions team is a Certified Google Partner, which places us in the highest percentage of expertise in our field. We research, analyze, manage, and report on SEO (natural, non-paid). Learn more about our approach here: https://bpwebsearchsocial.com/about.