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Video is King: Social Media Marketing in 2019

Video is King: Social Media Marketing in 2019

By the end of 2019, it’s projected that 80% of all internet traffic will be video. With numbers like 90% of customers say videos help them make buying decisions, and 64% of clients often buy a product online after watching a video about it, it’s impossible to deny how important video is.

Here are some tips for adding video into your marketing.

  1. Be attention-grabbing: Aim to grab viewers’ attention in the first 3 seconds. If you don’t captivate your audience in those first 3 seconds, they’ll keep scrolling. Try adding an eye-catching title card, too.
  2. Loop your video: Since videos on Instagram loop automatically, there’s an opportunity to be very creative by purposefully making your video loop seamlessly.
  3. Add captions: Oftentimes, a consumer is scrolling through Facebook or Instagram with the sound off. Give them a chance to still watch the video by adding captions or making sure that the video can still be understood without sound.
  4. Offer Sneak Peaks: Videos are a great place to get consumers excited about something upcoming. Give a sneak peak of a new product and have your video link to a landing page to learn more.
  5. Use your customers: With their permission, use your customers for testimonials or reviews. Not only are you getting user-generated content, but your fans will more likely trust the testimonial if it’s coming from an authentic fan.
  6. Keep them short: Videos should be short and to the point. Try to stick to between 30-60 seconds for every video.
  7. Pay attention to your platforms: You’ll have different maximum time lengths depending on what platform you use. Keep in mind the maximum time, and dimensions while creating content.
  8. Post native videos: If you plan on posting a video on Facebook, upload the video straight into Facebook instead of sharing the Youtube link. Studies show that native videos perform 10x better on Facebook when compared to YouTube links.
  9. Stay trendy: Videos come and go so quickly on social media that they can get buried. Try to stay up-to-date and relevant. The more engagement you can get, the better.
  10. Use professionals: Nothing is worse than sharing poor quality content. Let a video production team help make your vision come to life.

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