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Is Your Business on Social Media?

Is Your Business on Social Media?

Why your brand needs to have a social media presence

Some people have a love-hate relationship with social media. Some despise the never-ending, all-consuming hold it has on us. Others enjoy the entertainment and information they regularly get from several social channels. But whether you like or dislike it on a personal level, there is no doubt there are great benefits for brands to have a presence on at least one social media platform. For more in-depth information about social media channels and which is best for your business, check out our article here. 

What can social media do for your business?

Whichever platform your business is on, all social channels share commonalities for growth. We’ve compiled a list of the biggest reasons your brand should be on social media. 

Promote brand awareness 
Social media gives consumers and potential customers the opportunity to familiarize themselves with a brand with the intent to build trust and credibility, and ultimately convert them into a customer. This is often done through brand colors, style of graphics and photography, and tone of voice in messaging. 

Measuring consumers’ recollections of a brand is a key component of assessing goals for growth. Running, monitoring, and adjusting brand awareness ads, setting up A/B test campaigns, and evaluating post frequency results are just some of the few ways brands can measure brand awareness. When assessing goal achievement, however, it is important to understand that when measuring the impact of brand awareness efforts that consistency is key. 

Several studies found that people need to see a message at least seven times before it truly sinks in. When it comes to brand awareness, exposing people to your brand in many ways on many platforms is a good rule of thumb for impactful results.

Tell your story 
Social media allows you to tell your story to many people in many ways and for no cost (mostly). The social trifecta! You can share your message through videos, blogs, post captions, podcasts, and so on.

Not only does telling your story build credibility, but it also makes your brand relatable. People like it when things are built for them personally or catered to their likes and interests. When they visualize themselves using your product they’re already one step closer to being an actual customer. 

Establish trust
As with the former, people are more likely to try a product, continue using a product, or recommend a product if they can relate to it. Does your product or service provide value? Does it solve a problem or take them back to a memorable experience? If the quality is there and your brand can do at least one of these things for them, it builds trust. 

Convert to customer 
After someone has seen your brand and it has piqued their interest, they may be inclined to learn more about it. Watching a video, reading reviews, or visiting your website are a few of the next-step actions they can take. Whatever your cultivation strategy entails, walk your potential customer through the process of customer conversion.

Maintain rapport and customer loyalty 
Social media gives people the opportunity to interact with their favorite brands online. This type of interaction cultivates a relationship between a customer and a brand on a somewhat personal level. Brands can engage with their customers on a large-scale platform through likes, tags, shares, comments, reposts, etc. Interacting with patrons shows the customer you value them and builds rapport and loyalty.

Social media allows brands to grow their business in a way that people of today expect, appreciate, and value.

Need some help developing or executing your social media marketing strategy? You’ve come to the right place. We love this stuff, plus we’ve been doing this for more than 25 years so we know a thing or two. 

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