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How to Stay Current With Social Media Trends

How to Stay Current With Social Media Trends

In any modern industry, it’s important to stay informed about current trends on social media. The industry is constantly changing and it’s easy to get left behind. However, here are some tricks to stay in touch with the ever-changing game of social media. 

Follow Hashtags

When searching on Twitter or Instagram, following hashtags like #socialmedia #socialmediatrends or #trending is a quick and easy way to stay on top of trending themes and images. You can also use websites to help find new hashtags relating to your business that are trending or popular, like Influencer Marketing Hub

Keep a Record of Influencers

Once you have found innovative influencers, keeping up to date with what they are posting is an excellent tool to keep informed. Influencers are often the first to utilize up and coming trends on social media, so this is a great tool for staying up to date. We like to keep a spreadsheet of influencers who inspire us.

Check on Social Media News

Many sites publish social media news and specifically keep informed of trends in the industry. Checking in on these sites at least once a week can help you stay ahead of trends, even as they are unfolding. These are a few of our favorite sites:

Social Media Today

Marketing Land

Digital Trends

Social Media Examiner

Listen to Podcasts

Podcasts are an easy way to absorb information while you are completing other tasks. Social media marketing podcasts provide a ton of great information from social media experts and professionals, who have all sorts of great tips and tricks to share. Plus, listening to podcasts is a perfect task for working from home, commuting, or even relaxing. 

One of our favorite social media sites even has this great podcast full of valuable information. 

Social Media Examiner Podcast

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