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How to Stay Ahead in Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is ever-changing and your tactics should too. How do you stay ahead of the curve if digital marketing is constantly (and rapidly) evolving?

  1. Track trends– Curious about the expected trends for 2019? Read our other blog here.
  2. Be observant– It doesn’t take someone in the ad industry to notice what other ads are doing. When you’re off work and looking through your own social media, pay attention to what ads are on your own feed. Take a minute to understand why that specific ad looks the way it does. Do you like it? Do you think they did well targeting you? Learning opportunities are all around you!
  3. Network – Go beyond LinkedIn by networking in person at marketing and small business events. Put in face time with fellow professionals in your area. By communicating with other professionals in your field, you’re allowing an opportunity to collaborate on knowledge and ideas.
  4. Stay curious – Read and learn every single day. Studies have shown that you not only will learn more, but even faster, on topics that actually interest you. If social media marketing excites you as much as it does for us here at Bright Productions, this should be easy.
  • Blogs: AdWeek, AdAge and AdExchanger are great resources for finding out what is going on in the world of advertising.
  • Social Networks: LinkedIn offers networking opportunities and even groups that you can join. Utilize LinkedIn as much as possible to get to know other professionals  in your field.
  • Notifications:Add a Google Alert to your account for any leader in the profession, topic, publication or competitor. Set a reminder to check your alerts once a day to receive any new information.
  • Test everything: Constantly optimize for best results. A/B testing can be your best friend; testing your messaging and graphics can tell you a lot about your target audience. Don’t be afraid to try new tactics to gain new insight on your customers and how they engage.