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How to Plan Your Social Media Calendar

How to Plan Your Social Media Calendar

Some brands seem to have everything together. They post at the perfect times, with relevant content almost every single day! How do they do it? The answer is quite simple; they have a successful social media content calendar. Luckily, you can have one too! It’s as simple as being able to use the tools at your disposal. 

The first step to planning a social media calendar is to find an organizational platform that you and your team enjoy. Being experienced in excel, or Google Sheets is a very useful skill. 

It’s helpful to plan out your posts for Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, by making your posts custom to each platform. For example, the optimal format for Instagram is a square image, but the optimal format for Twitter is a rectangle. It’s best to use an editing tool like Canva to size images to the appropriate platform. 

Try to vary your posts to being uploaded every other day. You don’t want to overload your followers, but you also need to stay engaged and active on their feed. If you have a Pro or Business account on Instagram, take a look at the insights on your previous posts to see when your followers are most likely to engage! 

Looking for photos to use?

Here are some of our favorite websites with stock photos that are free to use! This is a great way to fill out your content calendar. 






The most important thing to remember when planning your social media calendar is to keep your feed bright, and relevant to your business. For further tips and tricks on how to optimize your online presence, contact us at info@brightproductions.com