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How to get the most out of social media tools

Marketing can be a tricky business, especially when it comes to measuring its effectiveness. It is especially true as it applies to social media campaigns, which have become increasingly important in digital marketing. Here we highlight some social media tools that can be very useful for any marketer looking to make their campaigns more efficient and effective.

Social Monitoring

Social monitoring involves observing how people interact with your brand and what is being said on social media. While this may seem like general knowledge, it is still an important part of any marketing strategy.

Share of Voice 

The next tool is “share of voice,” which involves comparing your brand’s social media presence to your competitors. This information can help you see if you are trending in the right direction. This data can be collected manually or with the help of various tools.

Social Listening

The third and probably the most exciting tool is social listening. This involves monitoring trends and using that information to build audiences and find the best influencers to collaborate with in your campaign efforts. This tool can be especially helpful when trying to figure out what podcasts your target audience are listening to or what influencers they follow.

In conclusion, social media tools can be very helpful for marketers who are looking to make their campaigns more effective and efficient. By monitoring what people are saying about your brand, comparing your social media presence to your competitors, and using social listening to monitor trends and find influencers, you can get a better idea of how your campaigns are performing and make any necessary adjustments.