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Hiring Media Production For Your Small Business

Hiring Media Production For Your Small Business

Ever see small business posting beautiful videos and images to their website and social media pages and wonder how they created them? Most likely, they hired a media production team.

High-quality media content is standard in digital marketing nowadays and isn’t going away any time soon. Gone are the days when you could get away with sloppy cell phone videos and dark, blurry photos.

If you think you can’t afford a media production team to create content on your behalf, you might be wrong! Here’s some advice to consider before saying no to hiring out for content.

  • Sometimes, the hardest part is finding a video production team that understands your company brand and culture, not paying the bill.
  • Have some ideas in mind, even if they seem impossible and expensive. A good creative team will help turn your unrealistic ideas into feasible ones.
  • Factors that determine cost are video length, video style, and videographer quality and experience.
  • It’s possible to hire a film student or a grad fresh out of school to produce a video for your business that is great! Be sure to check reels for example work.
  • Hiring a seasoned professional to create media for you will most likely give you a video that you can share with the public for a lifetime.
  • Some production companies charge a day-rate while others charge by the project. The average day rate is around $1,200 and this pays for the cost of movie quality equipment, plus a crew who actually knows what to do with that equipment.
  • In general, the standard industry price is $1,000 a per min of footage. So a 2-min video (which sounds short but is actually REALLY long for a video in 2018) will cost you $2,000. That video can be embedded on your website, added to your YouTube channel, and posted to social media.
  • One high-quality marketing video can help increase brand awareness, be discovered in your customers’ online searches when looking for businesses like yours, and help them make a decision about who to hire.