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Food Brands “Killing it” on Social Media

Food Brands “Killing it” on Social Media

Food brands are working harder than ever to burst through the hashtags and for your page listings to be seen. This takes stunning, eye-catching photos and hard work to stay relevant in a constantly changing social media environment. Here are some of our favorite food brands that are currently changing the game:


  1. Nutella

Not only does Nutella post bright, relevant content, they also succeed in posting content that people are excited to engage with. With celebrity endorsements and stop motion videos, their feed is always doing something new and exciting. 

  1. Taco Bell

Taco Bell does a fantastic job integrating memes, art, and modern trends into their feed! Always energetic and innovative, their feed is constantly engaging with followers. 

  1. Bubbies Fine Foods

Bubbies does a great job of posting content that is eye catching and easy to replicate! They get a lot of user engagement and are able to repost recipes from enthusiastic fans.


  1. Bon Appetit 

Posting every week, sometimes multiple times, Bon Appetit excels at creating engaging content. Their videos showcase easy-to-make recipes with chefs ranging from celebrities to up and coming influencers. 

  1. Munchies

With over 4 million subscribers, Munchies is an ever-growing food brand! Posting every single day, Munchies excels at keeping an innovative feed and constantly engaging with their audiences.  


  1. Chipotle

Chipotle isn’t afraid of being risky with their content, and often posts memes and trending topics on their video feed. 

  1. KFC

KFC excels on TikTok by working with influencers to create all their content. It appears that everything is done by fans and content creators, which keeps their feed looking original and organic. 

  1. Sabra Hummus

This is one of the strongest recipe pages on TikTok. With beautiful tutorials, they succeed in showing new ways to utilize their brand in recipes. 

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