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Create Original Content For Instagram

Create Original Content For Instagram

When managing an Instagram page, it becomes immediately apparent that to stay relevant; you need to create original content. Here are our tips for creating engaging material for your Instagram page!

Document what is around you. 

Did you purchase a coffee today? Cook a delicious meal? Play with a dog? Snap a pic! Taking pictures on your phone to document your day is a great way to stock up on postable content. Apps light Adobe Lightroom and Photofox are great tools for editing lighting to increase the quality of your pictures. 

If you aren’t comfortable editing photos, there are even templates you can download that edit your photos for you!

According to this article, Edited images are 21% more likely to be viewed, and 45% more likely to be commented on than unfiltered ones.

Be Transparent:

Fans love to use Instagram to see what happens behind the scenes. Show the prep work for a project you’ve been working on, make a tutorial, or host a Q&A. The main point is to show the users that you are relatable. 

Schedule posts ahead of time:

With sites such as Buffer and Hootsuite, it is easier than ever before to schedule your posts ahead of time. Do you have a cohesive color scheme you want to follow? Want to make sure you aren’t posting similar content two days in a row? This is a great way to plan what you want your grid to look like, and to keep your content diverse. 

Use Stock Images

Feel like posting a motivational quote over a picture of a beautiful landscape, but don’t have any images that fit? You’re in luck! With free stock image sites like Pexels, Canva, Adobe Stock, and Unsplash, it’s easy to search for postable content that is free to download!