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Bright Productions Ad Grants Successes

Bright Productions Ad Grants Successes

Bright Productions has applied for and received more than 10 Google Ad Grants, providing consulting and Google Ads assistance for nonprofits all over the nation.

The process of applying for the Google Ads Grant can be an arduous one, depending on the nonprofit’s current standing with Google’s third party verification system TechSoup. Thankfully, here at Bright Productions we’ve developed a system to successfully work with TechSoup to swiftly and efficiently receive the Ad Grant for our clients. We currently have a 100% success rate with acquiring the grant!

If you don’t know what the Google Ad Grant is – Google offers $10,000 a month in FREE search advertising to qualified and verified nonprofit 501c3’s. After an application process and verification process, the approved website under a particular nonprofit can create Google Search Ads that have a budget of $10,000 dollars a month EVERY month. These ads can be used to drive traffic to the nonprofit’s site, educate the public about a mission, drive donations, and even advertise products.

We’ve had great success with this program – totalling more than $1.05M in Ad Grants spend with over 55M impressions and 700 conversions.

Feel free to learn more about Google Grants here: https://www.google.com/grants/

If you feel like the Google Ads Grant could be of help to you, or you would like to learn more, feel free to contact us. We love working with nonprofits!