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Best Tips to Follow for Font Design

Best Tips to Follow for Font Design

Fonts can impact how your brand is perceived on just about anything, from your logo to your website, to social media content, emails, and more. Here are a few effective tips to help you choose the right fonts.

Font Families

Fonts are categorized by a list of generic family names and they are determined by a particular font face used to render characters. Knowing and pairing font families will help you create more cohesive texts.

The fewer fonts used the better 

Try to stick to no more than three different fonts. Consistency is important and using too many fonts will end up distracting the reader. 

Stray away from fonts that are similar but not in the same family

You might think that combining two different fonts that are similar would be a stylistic pairing but often times similar fonts can clash when used together. For example, using script font with a handwritten font can cause confusion because they both already have strong personalities of their own. 

Stick to one mood 

All fonts convey different moods. Some can create formal messages while others can convey more playful messages. Keep in mind what kind of message you’re trying to present and stick to fonts that elevate that mood. 

While picking out fonts can be super fun, selecting the right one is very important in any design aspect. We hope that these tips will help when you are considering a font. For more information email us at info@brightproductions.com to find out how our digital team can help!